Monday, July 8, 2013

Borderlands 2 - FINK'S SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 22 (...

New times

After stopping the Hep C meds it seems I now have neurophy-which makes wonder if this was caused by the medication. I will look into it later. I've spoken with my brother who lives in N.Ca and his desire to ride the train to Oregon, but I dismissed the idea until I saw a program on some channel about trains and the rides availible. One in perticular was a train ride through Denali - Although the thought is interesting maybe not yet. My main situation is to ride a train closet to Rohnert,Ca. in order to hook up with my brother and then on to Oregon and Seattle. There for some site seeing. This is the thought but one thing where to put my cat. Having her stay at the vet is about $35 a day. I'm considering asking the manager if she knows about someone her that may look in on her, change the water and feed her while I'm gone. We'll see. As a kid I used to ride the train from Troup Texas to Detroit to visit with my mother's mother and family and my dads's family. I remember going to New York when about 11 yrs old or around that age where my grandfather came to pick me up. Outside the entry way was filled with yellow cabs, seems there were at least 50 or so. For some reason this sticks in my thoughts and also being at his home. He drove a school bus, and his house was on a river in New Jersey in a town named Hackensack. The water was cold and clear, and when trains would come by on the other side of the river you couldn't figure out which direction it was coming from for all the trees. Also there was a guy who saved old vinyl records there where stacks and I mean stacks. Great summer adventure there and the train ride was great. So I'm looking into the situation and checking it twice to see how it's all gonna come together.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Poland by Michener my heritage

While reading about Poland by James Michener I have become interested about my grandmother Jenina Papulski. When did she come to America and who was she married to and what happened to him, did he stay in Poland?! My mother had a older brother Zegmund Papulski, but no information about their father. Although I am checking my curiosity grows. To read about the history of Poland and the continuous plight it suffered by it's neighboring countries makes me wonder how it lasted, only through the resolve of some of its leaders to have a 'free' Poland. A pastor once mentioned that our heritage was safe guarded by God in order that we might exist today. To think about the hardship and the wars that occurred in Poland and the deliverance which brought my grandmother to America is astounding, also the consideration that my fathers side was from Germany and the turmoil that existed between Poland and Germany not only in the second world war but previous issues that occurred makes me thankful to the only true God, that His hand was in the formation of my life and the lives of my ancestors.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Checking out the transition of this blog into Google's new standard, hopefully it will I'd hate to loose all. Making sure of TXU bill, which Encore is apart of it. Needing to watch out payments, another year of paying for the car, I'll be glad when that's over.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Can't follow the instructions for linking current blog to the new an unmigrated legacy Blogger account, but for now it seems to be working will continue to figure it out. Feeling a lot better after quitting the meds and saving money for blood work.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

off meds

In order to obtain a perscription which cost $2500, I've come off my Hep C meds. In order to gain some strength. Should try for dr's office this coming week and blood work.

Monday, December 12, 2011

electric blanket and other items

Got a new ele.blanket and having issues with it resetting after 10hrs.Trying to find out how to find and obtain the union pension I supposedly had gotten after 5yrs of faithful service to Verizon Fios.